Community Outreach Education – Program / Exhibit Services & Rates

Public or Private

Live Animal Programs Offered Virtually, at your site or at ours*!

(7 animals / 45-60 min for base program, available year round)


(WE-1)   Wildlife Encounter

(1 Wildlife Animal / 6 Interactive Animals)

VIRTUAL – $135

LIVE – $225 + travel/transport 

     This affordable program is just perfect for the younger audiences! For our little animal lovers,and always with safety first, this has the most “hands-­on” potential with some of the smaller,interactive, animals and only one small animal from our wildlife ambassadors. Small groups recommended for the best experience.

Eligible Animals:  Small Animals Only

(WE-2)   Wildlife Encounter

(2 Wildlife / 5 Interactive)

VIRTUAL – $195

LIVE – $325 + travel/transport 

Our most popular program!

An affordable program that works GREAT for audiences from small group to as high as 100 kids/people!  With a nice balance of “hands-­on” and “hands-­off” potential… this program is great for community and library presentations, nature centers and elder care facilities and perfect for private reservations!

Eligible Animals:  Small & Medium Animals Only


(WE-3)  Wildlife Encounter

(3 Wildlife / 4 Interactive)

VIRTUAL – $240

LIVE – $400 + travel/transport 

This program features some of the larger and more “exotic” animals, this show is perfect for groups from small gatherings, to larger venues and public presentations with 100+ attending.  We will work with you to select 3 of our most popular Wildlife / Exotic Ambassadors , to complement the more interactive and touchable animals!!

Eligible Animals: Small & Medium Animals Only


(WE-4)   Wildlife Encounter

(4 Wildlife / 3 Interactive)

VIRTUAL – $330

LIVE – $550 + travel/transport 

(2 Educators, 7 AMAZING Animals for a 45-60 minute experience!)

Looking for that real WOW Factor?!    This program is an educational and fun experience unlike anything in the Northeast!

A customized selection of our most popular animals!  Whereas the rest of our programs feature 1 of our amazing educators, this one we double-­up on… and the animals can be your choice of our coolest, most popular and seasoned veteran ambassadors as seen on the Today Show, LIVE with Kelly & Micheal, Martha Stewart and more!

Eligible Animals: Small, Medium and Advanced

* Add 3 more interactive animals for a 30-minute hands on “meet & greet” experience for only $75!


Community / Public Educational EXHIBITS

(Custom Quotes Required*   LIMITED AVAILABILITY)

We are excited to announce that for the 2018 Exhibit season, the Wildlife Encounters Ecology Center will be making some modifications to our public outreach exhibit services!

For close to a decade and a half, communities across New England have benefited from including our exhibits in their events, which have proven themselves to be a top attraction – based on feedback from event goers and organizers alike!

Our GOALS with these exhibit enhancements are as follows:

    1. Increase the educational value and impact for the visitor.
    1. Ensure the continued delivery of the most popular aspects of our family friendly interactive experiences (such as the roaming tortoise).
    1. Improve general Ambassador Animal welfare and safety, including consideration of extreme weather events and summer seasons trending hotter and drier!
  1. Diversify the ability for the public to support the work of the Wildlife Encounters Ecology Center & Farm School through the addition of an Information & Memorabilia station!

New Format:      All exhibits will feature 7 species

    1. Interactive / “Petting Zoo” component with friendly Farm Ambassadors and small exotics.
    1. Educational Presentations : At regular intervals during the exhibit time frame, the lead Educator will conduct an educational talk for those in close proximity regarding the animals that are present.  Usually in most venues this will include the use of a small P/A system set at a reasonable volume so as to not interfere with other activities in close proximity.  Access to electricity will generally be required of the host organizers.
  1. Information & Memorabilia station where the public can learn more about our work, collect and take home informational resources, make supportive donations and purchases of available items & membership enrollments.


    • Minimum cost for an exhibit  is $450.00 (plus travel) and is all inclusive for up to 2 hours
  • Exhibit duration over 2 hours will be billed at an additional rate of $100/hr

Example:   MyHomeTown’s Olde Home Day: 10 AM till 4 PM   *total duration 6 hours

  • $450 base price for the first 2 hours + $100 x 4 hours for the duration = $850.00

Exhibits are supervised at all times by one or more of our Wildlife Encounters Ecology Center’s staff, Interns and/or volunteers.  There may be a hands-on opportunity with one or more of our animals at various times during the exhibit. Due to general safety precautions, unsupervised children under the age of 3 years will not be allowed to touch the animals. We reserve the right to eliminate the touch portion of the program or to not show the animals if your guests are disruptive, if they fail to follow the safety rules or if there is a risk to the animals or staff.


Transportation & Travel Rates

  • “Home Zone”  – NO TRAVEL FEE – Approx a 20 mile radius around Rochester, NH  (examples: Kittery/Portsmouth, Wakefield, Epping, Sanford)
  • Mileage Rate effective 1/1/2020: $0.60 per mile round trip as calculated by our office, zipcode to zipcode for all New England locations.
  • New York:   We do not offer 1-hour programs in NY State.  School Half/Full day visits, Public Event Exhibits and TV Production only.   Minimum $1000 contract for all NY engagements.
  • *Maine Import Fee: $27 (effective 1/1/14, this is a per occurrence fee that we now will be reflecting on Maine customer invoices to offset the exceedingly high fees imposed by Maine regulatory agencies.)

Payment Terms

  • DEPOSITS  are required for Private Parties and most Large Contracts.   Check your contract / email terms and conditions or call us if you have questions.  
  • Corporate & Institutional payments by EFT/ACH or NET(x) terms are available.
  • Credit Cards accepted through Paypal credit processing.
  • We do also except payments by Paypal Transfer. 

Private Entities, Families and Individuals:

Unless otherwise specified in writing in your contract, by making a reservation you agree to and are bound to the following terms:

  • A non-refundable security deposit is required within 2 weeks of booking – or your contract is subject to being void.
  • All balances must be Paid In Full before or at the presentation / exhibit.
  • Payment by check and/or cash  are greatly preferred so as to avoid credit card transaction fees, and ensure as much of your support goes to animals and supporting farm/education operations as possible!!

OUTDOOR Program & Exhibit Requirements:

  • Temperature: 65-85 degrees
  • Full Shade is required, by trees, permanent structure (pavilion for example) or stable tent.
  • Dry space
  • CALM & COMFORTABLE – slight breeze is ok, but no high winds or gusts.

*ANY exceptions must be approved on a case by case basis by the Director


Requirements and Restrictions:

  1. WILDLIFE : For regulatory or safety reasons, these animals are generally “hands-off” for the public.  This statement by it’s nature is vague because (1) laws vary by state and (2) educators may have some discretion in certain circumstances.

  2. INTERACTIVE : Our “farm life”, “pet life” and friendlier wild species of Ambassador Animals.  Most of these animals are rescues that were injured, abandoned or displaced… and they all have their own personal stories!   At our discretion – all of these animals may be hands-on.
  3. VENUE RESTRICTIONS :  (details coming soon)