Programs & Rates

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45-90 minute programs for Libraries, Elder Care Facilities, Private Events, Camps, Scouts, Corporate and Community Events and more!  (TEACHERS – Visit Section 2 for services during the school year!) 


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Wildlife Encounters School Enrichment: Public, Private, Preschool through College **(Supports and complies with NH Science Curriculum, STEM Guidelines & NGSS) Pricing applies September through June ONLY.

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“Walk-Up” Public Event Exhibits Indoors or out, offered year round.

Don’t worry about your guests missing the show, with this affordable service we set-up and stay!      Generally features a mixture of “hands-on” and “hands-off” ambassador animals for visitors.

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Required Fees:

Travel & Transport Rates, State Fees, etc Scroll to the bottom of this page.

Section 1 : Public / Private Experiences

(7 animals / 45-60 min for base program, avail year round)


  • Customize with THEMES!   “GLOBALtour”, “Wild Kratts” or “Diego”, “North American Wildlife”, “Animal Athletes” and many more! Tell us your idea and we’ll tell you what we can do!
  • No Theme?  No Problem!!     Let us know an animal or two you would LOVE to see (or maybe love not to see…)!   We’ve delivered more than 10,000 shows over the last 14 years – we can take it from there 🙂


  • LEVEL-1 Wildlife Encounter 

(1 Wildlife / 6 Interactive) 

$225 + travel/transport 

     This affordable program is just perfect for the younger audiences! For our little animal lovers,and always with safety first, this has the most “hands-­on” potential with some of the smaller,interactive, animals and only one small animal from our wildlife ambassadors. Small groups recommended for the best experience. 

Eligible Animals:

Small Animal List (click to see the list)

  • LEVEL-2 Wildlife Encounter 

    (2 Wildlife / 5 Interactive) 

    $325 + travel/transport 

Our most popular program!

An affordable program that works GREAT for audiences from small group to as high as 100 kids/people!  With a nice balance of “hands-­on” and “hands-­off” potential… this program is great for community and library presentations, nature centers and elder care facilities and perfect for private reservations!

Eligible Animals:

Small and Medium Animal Lists (click to see the lists)

  • LEVEL-3 Wildlife Encounter

    (3 Wildlife / 4 Interactive) 

    $400 + travel/transport 

This program features some of the larger and more “exotic” animals, this show is perfect for groups from small gatherings, to larger venues and public presentations with 100+ attending.  We will work with you to select 3 of our most popular Wildlife / Exotic Ambassadors , to complement the more interactive and touchable animals!!   (*Limit of 1 animals off the Large List.   If you want more we recommend the Phoenix Encounter)

Eligible Animals:

Small, Medium & Advanced* Animal Lists (click to see the lists) 

*Some restrictions

  • Phoenix Encounter

    (Custom Mix – at least 1 interactive)

    $550 + travel/transport 

(2 Educators, 7 AMAZING Animals for a 45-60 minute Show)

Looking for that real WOW Factor?!    The Phoenix Encounter is an educational and fun experience unlike anything in the Northeast!

A customized selection of our most popular animals, with a very personal “meet & greet” at the end! Whereas the rest of our programs usually are delivered by one of our amazing presenters or educators, this one we double-­up on… and the animals can be your choice of our coolest, rarest species, and most seasoned veterans!These will be some of the animals that have been on the Today Show, LIVE with Kelly & Micheal, Martha Stewart and more!

Make it an intimate experience or gather the largest audience you can! We’ll bring the P/A system and an Encounter your guests will be talking about all year!

Eligible Animals:

Small, Medium and Advanced (click to see the list)


  • Phoenix Encounter – Extra Interactive!

    Full program plus three additional interactive animals for up to a 30-minute meet & greet session with attendees after the program.

    $625 + travel/transport 

Eligible Animals:

Small, Medium and Advanced (click to see the list)

Payment Terms

  • DEPOSITS  are required for Private Parties and most Large Contracts.   Check your contract / email terms and conditions or call us if you have questions.  We do accept private checks for deposits so long as they are received more than 2 weeks in advance of your service date.
  • Wildlife Encounters does NOT accepting personal / private checks at the time of program delivery.
  • Corporate & Institutional payments by check are always acceptable. 


Commercial Entities and Organizations:

Unless otherwise specified in writing in your contract, by making a reservation you agree to and are bound to the following terms: A non-refundable security deposit is required within 2 weeks of booking.  Standard contract terms are “Date of Service”.  Advanced payments in full are accepted.

Private Entities, Families and Individuals: 

Unless otherwise specified in writing in your contract, by making a reservation you agree to and are bound to the following terms:  

  • A non-refundable security deposit is required within 2 weeks of booking – or your contract is subject to being void.
  • Private Check will NOT be accepted less than 2 weeks before Date of Service delivery.
  • All balances must be Paid In Full before or at the presentation / show / exhibit.
  • Private Checks for balances due will not be accepted on-site.
  • Payments of balances due at the time of service delivery are accepted as follows: cash, money order, cashier’s check, credit/debit card





The primary wildlife educators delivering school enrichment programming for the 2017/18 school year are Derek Small and Krista Butts.  

For more about us, our background & qualifications – visit About Us.



Family Fun Nights / Science Nights,

PTA Fundraising Events and more 

We can offer a variety of show or exhibit services to help make your event a huge success!  And there are flexible funding options!! Contact us today to discuss your event and ideas – we look forward to supporting you and your students!  **Looking for a silent auction item for your fundraiser?  Contact us as we give away a limited number of FREE or DISCOUNTED Gift Certificated every year to support our customers and educators!


Zippity-ZOO for Preschools and Daycares


– NOT available beyond Zone 2

Always 1 Wildlife / 3 Interactive Ambassador Animals

                – Animal choices restricted to Small and Medium  Ambassador Animal categories (exceptions made for volume-visit contract customers)                           

4 animals, 25-30 minute presentation     $175* + travel.                                                              – 2nd presentation back-to back the same visit is $60.                                                                   – Customers hiring 9+ visits/year will receive the reduced rate of $125 per visit plus travel!


Travel & Transportation Rates and State-specific fees may apply additional to all of the above rates.  We are happy to discuss options and provide written budgetary estimates!

PROFESSIONAL ASSURANCES: ALL RATES include the costs associated with state and USDA licensing & inspections, $2 million general liability insurance coverage, automobile insurance, etc.  Documentation HERE.      All of our staff submit to CORI / SORI, and will submit to such background checks on a case-by-case basis at your request.


(Custom Quotes Required*)

A Wildlife Encounters Exhibit is a favorite crowd-pleaser for festivals, carnivals, open house-style events, and theme parties.  Offered as a kids / family educational attraction – this service often features our extremely popular “ROAMING TORTOISE”!

Our wildlife exhibit may be indoors or outside, and will feature a variety of “hands-on” and “hands-off” Ambassador Animals safely and professionally exhibited for your guests/customers to see, learn about and experience!  The exhibit will be supervised at all times by one or more of our Wildlife Encounters staff, Interns and/or volunteers. At our option, there may be a hands-on opportunity with one or more of our animals at various times during the exhibit. Due to general safety precautions, unsupervised children under the age of 3 years will not be allowed to touch the animals. We reserve the right to eliminate the touch portion of the program or to not show the animals if your guests are disruptive or if they fail to follow the safety rules.

Any Duration, Any Location.


This service is less formal and generally of longer duration than a “show”, and generally custom-quoted to meet a host’s desired budget, venue, space, anticipated audience size/age and desired animals.    

Minimum cost for an exhibit of any duration is $450 and in general our quoting follows these general guidelines:

  • Small exhibit / Smaller animals (not more than 6) $100 per hour if greater than minimum)   Can be in a minimum 10’x10′ space.   1-2 staff


  • Medium-exhibit: May include some larger animal as well as smaller – 7-10 animals  About $200 per hour   10’X20″ space    2-3 staff


  • Large Exhibit – Best of the best!   12+ animals on exhibit!  4 hour minimum   $300 per hour   10′ x 20′ MIMIMUM.    2-5 Staff depending on animals, venue and crowd.



Transportation & Travel Rates

  • “Home Zone”  – NO TRAVEL – About a 20 mile radius around Rochester, NH  (examples: Kittery/Portsmouth, Wakefield, Epping, Sanford)
  • Zone 1 – $35.00 (examples: Biddeford, Kingston, Manchester, Ossipee,)
  • Zone 2 – $60.00   (examples: North Conway, Portland, Salem, Bedford)
  • Zone 3 – $100.00   (examples: Keene, Lewiston/Auburn, Bretton Woods, Littleton)
  • Zone 4 – custom quote. (examples: all VT, CT, NY, RI, south/west MA, central/northern Maine and beyond)
  • *Maine Regulatory Import Fee: $27 (effective 1/1/14, this is a per occurrence state fee required of all out-of-state wildlife entities that we now will be reflecting on Maine customer invoices.)

PARTY PICS!! Enhance any of the shows with an Optional Guest Photo Sitting!! Perfect for birthday parties, to give each child their special memory photo.(not available for groups over 50) After show time, we will pose each of your guests holding one of our tame animal ambassadors, or standing beside on of our wildlife—you take the picture.                    Great for party favors or thank you notes. Have kids make picture frames as the party craft!

  • Up to 10 children –$10 extra
  • Up to 20 children –$20 extra
  • Over to 20 children –$30 extra

     **Wildlife Encounters accepts all major credit cards, direct bank drafts (EFT), Paypal and of course check, money order, cash.**